We have been with you for 27 years

We have been with you for 27 years

We have been with you for 27 years


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Medical check-up among kindergarten children related to faulty body posture

On 8th October, 2015 there was a medical check-up among kindergarten children of Private Kindergarten of ArcelorMittal Poland „Równe Przedszkolaki” in Dąbrowa Górnicza carried out. The aim of the check-up was diagnosing faulty posture and scolioses among children.  It was organized as one of the actions of Health Protection Foundation within Health Week, which is organized every year at the beginning of October by ArcelorMittal Poland.

The check-up was carried out by MA Marta Piłat-Kowalczyk and MA Monika Bober of  ,,UNIMED'' Sp. z o.o. The total number of 49 children was examined.

During the check-up there was an observation card filled in for each child, which specified the most frequent deviations from the correct body posture. The information on the check-up results was delivered to each parent.

Statistics about the frequency of deviations occurrence in children’s posture are very much worrisome. More than half of children at kindergarten age are defined to have faulty postures. It means that they need intensified care and treatment activities. For this reason we should pay particular attention to a balanced development of a child, especially in the period of their intensified physical growth.

Results of the check-up carried out in the kindergarten prove that faulty postures have been diagnosed with more than half of the children. The problem may be reduced as children grow.  The reason for this is the fact that schoolchildren attend PE lessons more often than kindergarteners.

Analyzing the results of the check-ups, it is a very good idea to introduce a directed physical activity for a child starting from the earliest years. Apart from eurhythmics, English classes, etc., we should always remember about corrective gymnastics that takes into account exercises for correct body posture, stretching exercises and exercises of feet. An appropriately prepared set of exercises will assure proper body posture.

A similar medical check-up directed towards defining faulty body posture and scolioses with children will be organized at a later date for children from Kraków AMP kindergarten  "Akademia Małych Pociech".


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