We have been with you for 27 years

We have been with you for 27 years

We have been with you for 27 years



Meeting of the Council of Health Protection Foundation

"Employee’s health and health of their family members is the most important goal of Health Protection Foundation and the employer".

On 23rd March there was a meeting of the Council of Health Protection Foundation during which the Council acknowledged the report for the Foundation activities for the year 2014, voted for acceptance of BOD and accepted the plan of activities for the current year. There was also a change in BOD of the Foundation. The new member of the BOD is Katarzyna Karcz-Mączka. She replaces Karolina Muza, who resigned from the function. Member of the Board, Mrs Ewa Witas was also dismissed from the function, but she remains employed as the Chief Accountant.

For 23 years the main aim of Health Protection Foundation in Dąbrowa Górnicza has been granting assistance in the area of health protection to employees supporting the foundation, members of their families and pensioners donators. Engagement of the Foundation into projects shared with Corporate Responsibility Office increases the possibilities of diagnosing and further treatment of persons who remain under charge of the Foundation, and enables to fulfil at least part of the needs. Particular attention is given to employees who suffered from accidents at work. The Foundation is doing the utmost to ensure the best medical assistance by supporting financially medical centres at which employees are treated.

The greatest support has been given to the Foundation from individuals and their voluntary contributions. If donators declare 1 % from their monthly salaries or social insurance allowances that are the base for taxation (granting consent for making deductions directly from the remuneration list to the foundation bank account) they may count on: medicines refund, refund of rehabilitation equipment that is on the list of equipment refunded by NFZ (Polish National Health Fund), possibility of specialist medical consultations, tests and treatment in medical centres that include Śląski Uniwersytet Medyczny (Medical University of Silesia), at voivodeship and municipal hospitals, oncology institutes or Śląskie Centrum Rehabilitacyjne „Repty” (Rehabilitation Centre of Silesia “Repty”.  

In the year 2014 the bank account of the foundation had inward payment of PLN 826 thousand from individuals and PLN 106 thousand from legal entities.

907 individuals were granted financial assistance for medicines and rehabilitation equipment purchase for the amount of PLN 460 thousand. 22 medical facilities were supported financially or medical equipment was purchased for the total amount of PLN 822 thousand. It enabled closer dates of diverse medical check-ups and consultations for 201 persons, which meant also a more precise diagnosis and accurate treatment.

In April 2014 a series of prophylactic programs and health promotion activities began. 1313 persons took advantage of free laboratory examinations in the area of cancer diagnosis, so called package for men and women, stomach package, diabetes and allergy package, densitometry tests towards osteoporosis, for the total amount of PLN 71 thousand. In 2015 prophylactic programs will be continued.

Medical check-ups for children aimed at  correctness of body posture were conducted at ArcelorMittal Poland  Kindergarten "Równe Przedszkolaki" in Dąbrowa Górnicza by doctor of WSS Hospital No. 5 named after Saint Barbara in Sosnowiec, Clinic Ward of Orthopaedic and Casualty. Children were also offered to take part at laboratory test- allergy and diabetes package.

Health Protection Foundation was actively participating at ArcelorMittal Poland events such as Safety Day and Health Week.

We would like to express sincere thanks all donators, because it would not be possible run statutory activities without them.  




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