We have been with you for 27 years

We have been with you for 27 years

We have been with you for 27 years



Meeting of the Council of Healthcare Foundation

The meeting of the Council of Healthcare Foundation was held on November 20, 2013. The meeting was opened by Mr. Sanjay Samaddar,  Chairman of the Foundation Council.   Pursuant to the Statute of the Foundation, the required quorum was present at the meeting, allowing the Council of the Foundation to pass resolutions.


The Council members held a voting session and passed the following resolutions:

  • selection of an auditing company “Kancelaria Porad Finansowo-Księgowych dr Piotr Rojek” Sp. z o.o. based in Katowice, ul. Konduktorska 33. It was the only company that replied to the request for quotation and had audited financial statements of the Foundation in the past  – Resolution no 18/2013;
  • granting of a consent to exceed the amount of 320 thou. PLN specified in the draft plan of expenses for 2013 by 130 thou. PLN from the Foundation's financial means, to cover immediate needs of medical centers, such as, for instance, remedial maintenance of diagnostic equipment, etc. – Resolution no. 19/2013;
  • appointment of Ms. Bogumiła Plesińska as a member of the Management Board of the Healthcare Foundation and Vice-President of the Management Board - Resolution no. 21/2013. 


In line with the agenda adopted for the meeting, Mr. Jarosław Sojka, President of "Unimed" Sp. z o.o. presented the economic and financial situation of the Company. 

During the discussion,  guidelines as to the direction in which the Company should develop were formulated.

Members of the Council discussed also the proposal put forward by the President of "Unimed" company to further commercialize rehabilitation services without coming into conflict with the National Healthcare Fund.

Extension of the scope of medical services would allow the Company to improve its condition.





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